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Catalogue: SMLD192

Manu & Bennett - 7am Alchevsk (Remixes)

By Summer Melody

Global Release Date: 27/03/2024
Exclusive Release date: 13/03/2024 (Beatport, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, TikTok)

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Release Info: 
Artist Name: Manu & Bennett 
Release Name: 7am Alchevsk (Remixes) 
Catalog Number: SMLD192 
Type: EP

1. Manu & Bennett - 7am Alchevsk (Baud Rate Remix) 
2. Manu & Bennett - 7am Alchevsk (SixthSense Remix) 

Revisiting one of the tracks from Summer Melodies Vol.6 back in 2021, as we have two melodic remixes from Baud Rate and SixthSense on 7am Alchevsk.

Previously as Maze, Manu & Bennett's 7am Alchevsk has been one of the compilation highlights with the upbeat and sunrise sensation that the track has brought. On the remixes, we have the uprising UK-based Baud Rate, delivering his own touch on the original. Having his sounds showcased in his Appalachia EP, his remix brings us into a mystic and secluded location for the beautiful sunrise, as depicted from the melodies and atmospherics. On the other hand, we have the return of the talented Mexico-based SixthSense for another remix, who appeared on the label back in 2020 with Doncella. Pushing the upbeat sensation from the original with a more uplifting and dancy way, his interpretation lifts the original into a whole new level with his airy melodic style.

We hope you enjoy the wonderful remixes from SixthSense and Baud Rate, on Manu & Bennett's 7am Alchevsk! 

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