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Music anti piracy

Anti-Piracy service is now available

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Protect your revenue steam from pirates and file sharers

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Youtube video automation

Now with unlimited YouTube video shots..

Automatic video creation and push to your own YouTube account

SoundCloud integration too!!

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Great pricing

Push out promotion platform

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Premium features with pricing to suit even the smallest of labels.

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Industry leading statistics

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Our truly amazing statistical and analytical engine shows you eveything you need and a whole bunch more.

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ultimate music statistics

Your promos, your way

Design your own look using our fantastic design tools.

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Delivery diagnostics

Know when it's failed

Quickly identify bad email addresses and problems

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PrePay Promo Managment
Industry leading stats
Video stills automation
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Theme Designer

Using our theme designer you can craft your campaigns to match your own brand, keeping a consistent look

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Rapid Delivery

Take advantage of our cloud. Almost instant delivery no matter how busy we are.

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Scheduled Send-outs

Away from your PC? Promo-Cloud allows you to schedule your send-outs ahead of time

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