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Catalogue: WPA069

Nerds With Acid - Acid In Our Mind

By We Play Acid

Global Release Date: 26/01/2024
Exclusive Release date: 19/01/2024 (Beatport)

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Manufactured with lots of 303 love in Enschede, Netherlands WPA069 presents the Nerds With Acid project. All tracks recorded live, with all the emotion captured in great sonic detail, this "Acid In Our Mind EP" is inspired by Bang The Acid (Bang The Box) an Acid classic by Damian Wild and Tim Taylor. Composed of 4 astounding Acidic original tracks and 2 remixes. One by the legendary dyLAB based in Melbourne, Australia in which he reinterprets the "Acid In Our Mind" textures also with a live recording, refined by his special and unique style. The other is "Boyz Like Thiz" by Acid Driver, who opted for a long version on a 303 Jamming tip. It's simpler and dedicated to the dance floor, with a new Hook using Funky keys to make the difference. When we find it, we are honored to deliver. Just smile and press play :)

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