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A tool designed just for promo receivers.

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Facebook widgets

Your social estate

Workflowed demo submission and contact list join requests directly from your Facebook pages.

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Youtube video automation

Now with unlimited YouTube video shots..

Automatic video creation and push to your own YouTube account

SoundCloud integration too!!

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Great pricing

Push out promotion platform

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Premium features with pricing to suit even the smallest of labels.

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Industry leading statistics

It's time to get serious

Our truly amazing statistical and analytical engine shows you eveything you need and a whole bunch more.

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ultimate music statistics

Your promos, your way

Design your own look using our fantastic design tools.

music Promo designer
Delivery diagnostics

Know when it's failed

Quickly identify bad email addresses and problems

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Included free with your promos
Unlimited Promo Skins
Your Promo should look as good as you do

Your brand is an important asset, so you will be happy to know that with Promo Cloud's theme/skin design you can truly make your promos your own. Create unlimited skins, and all for free.

Promo to YouTube
Push your music to YouTube (and we don't slap our own branding all over it!)

Your YouTube account is an asset to be exploited, send your promotion camapaign tracks to your YouTube account with ease. Promo Cloud were the first vendor to offer this free with a promo camapign. Unlimited videos, and included free with your promo.

Promo facebook support tiles
You have the support, now tell the world

Promo Cloud automatically generate and hosts support image tiles for easy sharing on FaceBook and your ow website, at the click of a button you can make your support viral included free with your promo.

Promo reporting
How is your music promo performing?

An automatic PDF report each week for you and your artists (if wanted), real time data and feedback analysis or even just want to see who is actioning your promos and who is not? then look no further, we have you covered. Promo Cloud offers industry leading reporting and analysis.

Music demo box
End to end demo managment

Discovering and signing new music to your label just got easier, A demo management system is included with your promotion platform account, embeddable widgets allow you to add this feature to your own website.

Join my list
Contact list request managment system

Contact can request to be added to your list, you will be notifed when a new request is pending and it is as simple as accepting or declining. Easy and included free with your promotion platform account

VIP Promo event notifications
Instant notifications when your VIPs open your promo

If you tag one of you contacts as a VIP, you will recieve an instant notification letting you know when they have opened or responded to you promotion. Its a really cool feature and it's included free with all accounts.

Centralised promo tool for your receivers
Chances are your Djs receive promos from more than one Promo Cloud label

Promo fusion is a tool that puts all of the music promos that a DJ receives in one place, It is a great tool and has apps available for both Android and Apple iOS.

PrePay Promo Managment
Industry leading stats
Video stills automation
Bucket icon
Theme Designer

Using our theme designer you can craft your campaigns to match your own brand, keeping a consistent look

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Rapid Delivery

Take advantage of our cloud. Almost instant delivery no matter how busy we are.

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Scheduled Send-outs

Away from your PC? Promo-Cloud allows you to schedule your send-outs ahead of time

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