Audio Watermarking

  • Robust Fingerprinting.
  • Multiple Audio Formats.
  • Speed Change Resilience.
  • Transcode Survivability.
  • Comprehensive Scanning Tools.

Defend against leaks Each download traceable


Our robust fingerprinting technology embeds a unique, imperceptible watermark into your audio files, enabling precise tracking and identification. This feature is crucial for protecting your intellectual property, as it allows you to effortlessly monitor and identify unauthorised distribution. Our fingerprinting helps ensure that your content is safeguarded and easily traceable.


To complement our watermarking technology, we offer advanced scanning tools that allow you to detect and analyze your watermarked audio efficiently. These tools are crucial for identifying potential unauthorised sharing so you can take appropriate action against copyright infringements.


The embedded watermark withstands various transcoding processes, ensuring your audio's protection even when the file format changes. This is essential for maintaining the integrity of your watermark across different media platforms and distribution forms, providing you with continuous protection against unauthorised sharing..

Pristine Audio Quality Preservation

Our watermarking process is meticulously designed to be imperceptible, ensuring that the audio quality remains untouched. The watermark is embedded in a way that it does not alter the integrity or the auditory experience of the original file. This means your audience enjoys the content as intended, with the watermark functioning invisibly in the background to safeguard your rights.