Promo Fusion Platform - eco system

A great tool for promo receivers.

The Fusion eco system

Fusion is a great tool for both labels and DJs. It is the perfect marriage between promo senders and promo receivers all designed to make the promo life cycle faster and effortless, let’s tell you why.

Fusion For promo receivers

Promo Centralisation

Promo Fusion centralises all of the promos you receive from various record label senders and presents them to you in a single, easy to manager interface.

Bulk Downloading

Using Fusion Reactor you can bulk download these tracks as a zip file to your computer, or if you prefer push the flagged tracks to Dropbox or your own custom FTP server.

Profile And Invitations

Setting your profile to public allows senders to view you. If you are a good fit for their material, they can invite you to join their contact lists and receive promos. You can also "auto accept" requests if you want to.

Mobile Apps

receive new promo notifications direct to your device. Browse and listen your promos on the go and enjoy the same reactor functionality that is available on the web app.

Fusion For promo senders

Fusion, your new best friend. A great resource that we feel you will absolutely love. Using the Music Promotion Platforms in built "Fusion Browser" tool will allow you to quickly find new artists to share you promos with, and it is really intelligent, Our clever matching algorithms ensures that only compatible Fusion users will be suggested to you meaning that the contacts suggested to you are industry relevant, active and are most likely to offer you valid feedback for your promos.

If you are not interested in a suggested contact you can choose "not interested" and they will not be suggested to you again.

  • Grow your contact base with relevant industry contacts
  • Better quality feedback
  • Intelligent matching

Fusion Users

Recently Active

A South Coast based Progressives love affair with electronic music started shortly after he was born. "Music was always being played in the house but it was the long car journeys during the school

Picture: Erik Bruce
Erik Bruce
United Kingdom

Hi I am ROB-IMPACT Resident On Subcode Club Radio Subcode club Playing Progressive House and Melodic Techno . My new Residency for 2024 is a monthly resident on ENCYCLOPED

Picture: Robert Siddall
Robert Siddall

Gabor Schmiedt give the backbone under Incident name. Mainly he occupied with drum and bass, Since he establishment in 2005 he have been making progress step by step in the scene. The music orientati

Picture: Incident

Begining in 1989 the journey of François-Pierre R.-Legendre aka Jim Star into the electronic music world started by producing music building beats and melodies with the family computer and analog synt

Picture: Jim Star (Monique Musique / No Sound Music Group Owner)
Jim Star (Monique Musique / No Sound Music Group Owner)

Send promos & booking : French veteran dj William Martin are three decades strong into their tenure within the underground d

Picture: William Martin (FR)
William Martin (FR)

UK based DJ and radio host LOGIKL always brings the freshest and finest Drum & Bass vibes on his very own radio show "LOGIKL Progression" on Kane 103.7 FM in Surrey and online stream at www.ka

Picture: Sachin Mohindra
Sachin Mohindra
United Kingdom

d(-_-)b . pheel plays future soul (electronica, nu jazz, brazilian, downtempo), at publicity events and private parties; heavy funky house, jazzy house & deep tech, at clubs; pheel co-produces an inti

Picture: Phil Pheel
Phil Pheel

DJ & Promoter from Middlesbrough in the UK. Also owner of Digitized Recordings.

Picture: Cliffy Burrows
Cliffy Burrows