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Got questions? That's ok, it's only natural!

Our system is so simple that even a child could use it, however, just in case you don't have a child immediately to hand to guide you through our system, we have made a list of questions we have been asked before, if you do not find your answer here, please feel free to get in touch

With Promo-Cloud you pay once per campaign (see pricing page), You can send the campaign to up to 2,000 people and it can run for up to 90 days.

You do this by purchasing credits, but the system is very simple, 1 credit = 1 promo.
Everything is included in the campaign price. We do not charge for bandwidth, downloads or anything else.

The Promo Cloud Platform has a fully featured Promo skin builder tool built in. The tool allows you to totally change the look and feel of your promo campaigns, and there is even better news, you can create as many themes as you like free of charge.

  • Unlimited themes
  • Change colors, images
  • Change waveform color
We are not a promo pool!

You must bring your own contact lists with you, Promo-Cloud can not provide you with any industry contact details. Your lists are your own and are totally safe with us, we NEVER share contacts details with anybody, ever.

You can change anything you like, even the audio files can be changed in the event you spot a mistake. Once built however additional audio tracks can not be added to the package.

We work with WAV or MP3 files, depending on what you have, you do not need to upload both types to us as we generate the MP3 files with all the id3 tags and embedded artwork from WAV files for you.


Promo-Cloud will generate the MP3 files automatically for your, with all the wonderful meta data too!


If you don't have WAV files, do not worry, we work with Mp3s too

Our stats system is logically laid out with a real-time dashboard available, we haven't won any awards for it yet but we are quietly optimistic!

No, absolutely not. You just pay when you build a promo campaign.

Our Advantage


We dedicate a massive amount of resource to ensure we maintain great delivery rates.


We are here to help you. Your querys will be handled quickly and effectively by the same team members who design and develop the whole system.

Cost effective

Premium promotion without the hefty costs is the mantra that we live by.

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