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Online Music Promotion Platform

Just look at some of our features

An online music promotion platform that ticks all the right boxes. Here are just a few reasons why you will love our system:

Schedule send outs

Control who your promo goes to and when they get it using our schedule tools.

Masses of Tools

Promo skin design, YouTube video generation & many more, we have a comprehensive tool set that fit anyones needs.

Easy to use

Our platform is beautiful, easy to use and very fast. Promoting music has never been easier.

Big on stats

Promo Cloud offers a mind blowing amount of statistics

Music Promotion Designed just for You

Check out just some of the Promo Cloud Platform features


Our Features

Customisable promotion templates

Included as standard

High Delivery Rates

Promo Cloud delivers 98% of email

Delivery Diagnostics

If an email does bounce, see why and resolve quickly

Youtube video generator

Send promos to your Youtube channel

Reactions to Twitter

Push reactions to your Twitter feed.

Promo Fusion

Free service for your receivers

About Promo Cloud

Our platform is a major player in the music promotion industry, respected, trusted and stable. We already help 100's of labels deliver their music promotions, we can help you too.

Running a record label is expensive. We believe promotion costs should be as low as possible which is why Promo Cloud pricing starts at just £4.40 per promotion.

Promo Cloud owns its own system infrastructure, we don't worry about bandwidth usage and we believe you shouldn't have to worry either which is why Promo Cloud will never charge extra for bandwidth

Some promotions running right now

In the last 6 months

we have been busy

Our Music promotion platform is always working hard to ensure your music promotions are available.


People love us

Our music promotion system is ADORED, but you don't have to take our word for it. Here is what some of our WONDERFUL clients say about us.

Promo Cloud delivers tools to send personalised promo’s, monitor feedback, track release support, create an automated social media feed, get access via a mobile app.

Everything a label needs to professionally send promo’s and convert them into useful marketing tools.

Marnik Braeckevelt: founder & CEO
Bonzai Progressive

Our labels have been using this brilliant platform for some time and cannot recommend them high enough. Competition worldwide in the digital promotions business is fierce, the industry is awash with promos - so Promo-Cloud has invented some brilliant features and benefits on their amazing system that set's them aside from other platforms.

Customer service response times for help have been prompt on every occasion and so, we would like to wish Promo-Cloud the very best of luck for the future

Montana & Stewart: Founders
Wiggly Worm Records

We heard for Promo Cloud accidentally, by checking some Final Campaign Report and we decided to see what's all about.

First impression was really amazing! Features that we like the most are Promo Skins and Social Integrations, which was really revelation for us and our artists, because they have live update about who supported their releases! Also Customer service is very friendly and quick in cases if you need assistance.

Keep it up!"

Lazar Stojanovic: Owner
Vulver Records

We've been with Promo-Cloud since it's inception, we were on the ground level as a beta test client and their continuous updates, easy to use interface features, attention to details and willingness to not only listen to your suggestions for improvement but on a number of occasions actually made them happen as well as their prompt response to any problems we might have and quick turnaround on fixing the issue is why we have no plans of ever leaving this service, we look forward to their continued growth with new features, improvements and overall ease of use not to mention affordability of the services. We look forward to a lasting professional relationship with Promo-Cloud.

Aaron Watersc: Founder & Co-CEO
Fuzion Four Record

Extra features Included for free

There is more to Music Promotion than first meets the eye, that is why every Promo Cloud account includes really useful extras which allow you to spend less time on mundane tasks and more time dealing with the fun stuff.

  • Demo Upload and review system with Facebook page widget and workflow.
  • Join my promo list system with Facebook page widget and workflow.
  • Pre-Pay promo management for your paying contacts.
  • Video generation with option to add your own intro.
  • Fusion integrated!